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Snacks – Feingold Diet Stage 1

We like to have snacks available around the house. Some of the snacks we had before have a Feingold alternative, which is great. We are still on the search for more snacks, but the hardest part is candy. We didn’t eat a ton of candy before starting this, but we did like it as an occasional snack, and pretty much any candy you can find in a regular store is out due to all the dyes used. So I wanted to be sure to find enough yummy regular snacks to compensate for the fact that he can no longer have his favorite candy (though I do plan on finding some approved candy, more on that later).

Approved fruit (fresh if in season, canned otherwise)
Saltines and cut up block cheese
Utz regular potatoe chips
Original Pringles
Breyer’s Natural Vanilla Ice Cream

Happy eating!

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